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Spaceplug Rolls Out, Promises to Change the Way We Shop and Sell Online

Spaceplug unveils an online shopping platform that is dedicated to providing a unique online shopping experience for consumers, and a way for business owners to expand on their terms. With a dedicate team of enthusiastic reps, Spaceplug is the place for creativity and commerce to flourish.

By creating a socially driven platform, buyers will be able to shop from an array of unique stores and keep in touch with merchants with similar interests. Buyers are encouraged to experience the feel of shopping with friends by becoming personal shoppers and creating a cart for anyone in their circle, full of items that they will love. This way, shoppers can shop together, giving a sense of community, all from home. Spaceplug is the virtual mall for the modern consumer.

Spaceplug believes that all businesses deserve the chance to realize their vision, exactly the way they picture it. Working with a network of different retailers, like Amazon and Walmart, small businesses will have the opportunity to pitch their products to the big box retailer of their dreams. Want to keep your small business personal? Do it with Spaceplug. Want to see your products in a big store? Spaceplug will help every step of the way.

Scheduled to roll out on December 1, 2017, Spaceplug will bring the personal touch to the digital forefront by returning the group shopping experience to the virtual consumer. The emphasis is providing everyone the experience they chose and empowering the SMBs to realize their potential and vision.