About Spaceplug.com

Spaceplug is a shopping platform committed to providing a unique shopping experience for both buyers and sellers; we want you to buy and sell goods on your terms. By combining our consumer marketplace with an automated, data-driven, performance-based sales and marketing solution, Spaceplug.com has created the first end-to-end online and mobile commerce platform that helps small and medium sized businesses grow by creating highly targeted, personalized shopping experiences for shoppers around the world.

For buyers, this means taking advantage of our array of sellers to find innovative and fun products. Our platform is the most affordable, convenient, personal and fun shopping mall in the world. By leveraging a global supply chain of the world’s best merchants, manufacturers, and independent brands, we offer shoppers access to unique and spectacular goods at a great value. Become a personal shopper and create a cart full of items you know they’ll love, then send it to them for their approval. It’s a great experience and way to connect with your social circle!

For sellers, our commitment is for you to grow your business to fit your vision. Our platform is user-friendly and allows you to set your prices, create deals, and connect with your buyers. If you envision yourself in a bigger retail space, we can help you get your foot in the door. We at spaceplug.com help the average entrepreneur to introduce their product and goods to retail shops, e-commerce shops, and catalogs; we are here to open the doors for the everyday person. Share your vision with us and let us help you realize it. By empowering product entrepreneurs to connect directly with shoppers, we can give each individual an experience that they can thrive on. Decide for yourself just what inspires you and reflects your own style.

Our Mission

Our Community of Shoppers

Our mission is to give everyone a shopping experience that is as unique as they are.

Spaceplug.com helps SMB businesses sell and grow. The spaceplug.com merchant platform realizes this initial vision; from there, it’s simple to generate sales, expand to retailers, e-commerce shops, catalogs and manage a growing profitable business. By selling on spaceplug.com, a brand can generate a high volume of sales quickly, build a loyal following of shoppers, and focus on the growth of their business.

Spaceplug.com Support Services

Our staff and team are here to build your creativity and business, not only on spaceplug.com but outside of our platform as well. The creative owners understand that it’s difficult for the average person to get access to buyers and introduce your inventions and products. We are dedicated to helping SMB brands grow their businesses and are passionate about creating an experience for consumers that is fun and personal.

We are a determined group of creative people and experienced reps that share the same passion as the average seller and are committed to working together and building our platform. Above all, we value ethics, trust, open communication, speed and shared success.

How does Spaceplug.com make money?

Our business model is based on shared success: we make money when spaceplug.com brands make money and when consumers are happy shoppers.

Open a Store and Start Growing!

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